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By now, you must have already decided whether you want to enrol at a university or not. The sooner you make a decision about what to study, the greater opportunities for success on both professional and private level are. One of the challenges is to set your life goals. In addition, a degree enables you better career opportunities and more favourable financial options. Today, a degree is a prerequisite, both in terms of adequate business communication and goal achievement.

The choice of faculty is not solely about deciding where to spend the following three or four years, but it could also have a bearing on the course of your life. It is of great importance to choose the programme adequately in order to achieve the desired objectives. Prior to making the final decision, it is essential to make sure that the University you want to enroll is accredited.

Accreditation is a process used to determine whether a higher education institution meets the required standards to perform the job related to studies (bachelor, vocational, specialist, master and doctoral), i.e. whether the study programmes are in accordance with the prescribed standards.

This guide is designed to help you make the right choice timely.


Dear prospective students,

You are faced with an important decision these days. The decision regarding your further education will have an impact on your future professional life and your plans. A university degree is important for the beginning of your career. It says a lot about your educational background and whether you are ready for the next challenge – the job. The degree does say a lot about you, but it also says a lot about us who are supposed to pass the necessary knowledge on to you. Singidunum University is aware that we are partly responsible for your future.

Our goal is that you acquire knowledge and practical skills at the University that will enable you to make and accomplish great plans. To that end, we constantly cooperate with our fellow professors from the country and abroad to make sure that upon graduation you will obtain a degree you will be proud of and appreciated by all future associates.

Welcome to Singidunum University!


Integrated University Singidunum offers the following study programmes:

Faculty of Business in Belgrade

Business Economics

  • Financial Management
  • Accounting, Auditing and Forensics
  • Human Resource Management (HR) and Public Relations Management (PR)

Marketing and Trade

Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Tourism and Hospitality Management

  • Tourism
  • Hospitality management
  • Gastronomy
  • Tourism and Leisure Management
    (in cooperation with IMC FH Krems University, Austria)

Faculty of Informatics and Computing

Informatics and Computing

Faculty of Technical Science

Engineering Management

  • Industrial Design
  • Quality Management

Electrical Engineering and Computing

  • Computing and Electronics
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Graphics


Bearing in mind that social, economic and cultural progress relies on development and improvement of higher education system, Singidunum University aims to enable the highest academic standards and offer knowledge and skills in accordance with the needs of the society and planned national development.

Singidunum University offers three-year and four-year bachelor studies, one-year and two-year master studies, as well as three-year PhD studies.

Singidunum University has been awarded accreditation for the realization of bachelor, master and PhD studies within the scientific fields of social, applied and formal sciences. Curricula are in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Declaration through implementation of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), contemporary teaching methods and teaching staff evaluation system. Study programmes are adapted to the needs of business environment. The lectures are held in modern premises by 200 renowned professors from the country and abroad. Singidunum University cooperates successfully with numerous higher education institutions from Europe, Asia and the United States. Also, it has established partnerships with the leading Serbian companies.

Practical classes in IT courses are in accordance with the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) certification programme which is carried out as a part of European initiative for standardizing information literacy assessment. Singidunum University also offers distance learning, i.e. Distance Learning System (DLS).


All study programmes have been accredited. Singidunum University has a clearly defined Quality Assurance Strategy and our students are actively involved in the continuous process of academic improvement.


Our students are assessed according to the predefined criteria and rules with the procedures being in agreement with the contemporary exam-taking standards.


Lectures and coursebooks are adapted to the modern market requirements. Thus, our students gain theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for finding employment immediately following the graduation.


Modern information system facilitates all the activities involving both the University staff and students.


Singidunum University puts an emphasis on enabling students to gain practical skills. To that end, it cooperates with business organizations and state-owned institutions, thus providing students with better employment opportunities.


Continuous work on establishing international cooperation at all levels facilitates Singidunum University students to participate in student exchange programmes within the European Higher Education Area, which largely increases their chances to find employment in the country and abroad.


Students and parents are able to register exams online, view results of pre-examination activities and exams, keep track of the registered payments, evaluate teaching staff and quality of studies, choose available courses and directly access e-mail.



Rule 1/ Accreditation

Before you make the final decision it is very important that you are entirely sure that the University i.e. the Faculty you decided to enroll is accredited. The Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance founded by the National Higher Education Council (www.kapk.org) published a document “A guide through accredited programmes of study at higher education institutions in the Republic of Serbia”, where you can see which universities i.e. which faculties have received accreditation. Accreditation is a process which establishes whether a higher education institution meets the standards for conducting study-related activities, i.e. it makes sure that programmes of study are in accordance with the standards. Aside from the process of accreditation, the Ministry of education and science checks the working conditions of the faculty and issues a license. It is of prime importance that the faculty you wish to enroll possesses the Accreditation assurance and license.


Each faculty has its own website where you are able to find a lot of useful information that may be of help when choosing a faculty. Look into the structure of the study programmes, i.e. the courses studied at the individual study programmes and make sure they meet the requirements of your future career. Look into the structure of the teaching staff and associates that lecture at the higher education institution. Carefully read over the news posted on the website and make sure they are up-to-date and diverse. Check whether the website has rulebooks and study instructions, as well as other recommendations that can assure you that the faculty treats its students responsibly and professionally.


You should never make the final choice before visiting the faculty you want to enroll. No matter how well you think you know the faculty you decided to study, you can find a lot by spending several hours at the premises of the faculty, the choice of which your entire life may depend upon. You are advised to bring along a family member, because you may later exchange experiences with him or her. Singidunum University has an “Open door” policy, aimed at receiving new students, which is why you are advised to schedule your appointment in advance. During the visit you will have the opportunity to distinguish between different faculties and only then will you be able to know what the best choice for you is.


Sometimes we make a choice of faculty solely on the basis of prejudice, without having checked them against reality. For example if the short-list of the faculties includes those that either your parents or somebody you know attended, you are advised to check how much things have changed since that time, and see whether, once great faculties, have kept abreast of the times and if they apply modern working methods. If the answer is NO, then it is up to you to choose the faculty that can prepare you for the future, provides practice, in addition to theoretical offers hands-on knowledge, and also motivates you to learn at least two foreign languages, helps you to build up your career and eventually find employment. In addition, inquire about the information system and how administration is organized, whether regular office hours are held and if they organize additional classes. The quality of Singidunum University as the winner of the Brand Leader award 2012 was recognized and assessed by students, partners, business and academic community, and confirmed by the results of independent research. Choose QUALITY!


It is important to check what is included in the price of tuition at some faculties, so that they can plan in advance. At Singidunum University the cost of tuition includes textbooks while trust is also built in such way that the price of tuition remains unchanged from the beginning until the end of studies.


Conduct research, ask questions, check and make sure that the reality is in accordance with what you think. You will hear many people say that at that faculty “nobody studies”, “it’s too hard”, “it’s too expensive” etc. without them actually being familiar with the facts. Don’t accept such generalizations without any proof. It’s very important to inquire about the experiences of students who currently attend this faculty. Look for “a student advisor” at Singidunum University and he will help you find answers to all the questions related to your student life.


After you have explored all options of good-quality education it is time to make a decision. It is important to enroll the faculty which is aware that its teaching staff are partly responsible for your future. The university’s aim should be your acquisition of knowledge and hands-on skills that will enable you to make and achieve great plans.




Study programme Informatics and Computing is part of undergraduate studies at Singidunum University. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) is a graduate academic degree awarded for completion of this study programme. This study programme enables students to enroll master academic studies, and later on, PhD studies at Singidunum University, but also at all other accredited universities in Serbia and worldwide. Besides theoretical knowledge, students also acquire specific practical skills within the field of information technologies which are very popular in Serbia and Europe. The structure of the study programme is harmonized with the current world trends in this field. Its organization is also in accordance with the leading European faculties and universities within the same field.

Our students use software packages of the renowned companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, CA Technologies and SAP during their practical classes. During the studies, the focus is on the theoretical foundations of computing and programming as well as on the data security. Students are capable of solving practical problems through the application of contemporary programming languages. Our students are enabled to start working in national and international companies immediately after graduation, without any additional training. Computer networks, data bases, information systems based on internet technologies and web services, object-programming languages, Java, computer protocols and security of computer systems and information, operating systems, development of mobile applications, (Android and Iphone), multimedia, development of application software, are just some of the courses included in this study programme. Putting into practice theoretical knowledge is the most wanted in the job advertisements of great number of companies.

Singidunum University has been an endeavour of respectable professors from the state universities for more than a decade to implement contemporary standards into higher education.
Dear students, I wish you success during the studies and I wish you to get secure and well-paid job after graduation from the study programme Informatics and Computing.

Prof. dr Dragan Cvetković
Faculty of Informatics and Computing

Study programme Informatics and Computing

At Singidunum University, experts for programming and designing are successfully educated within the field of informatics and computing. In accordance with the Law on Higher Education, Singidunum University was issued the Educational Licence no.612-00-2065/2008-12, dated 25th December, 2008, by the Ministry of Education, for the realization of study programme Informatics and Computing. Singidunum University was issued the Educational Licence no.612-02-655/2003-04, dated 9th May 2003, by the Ministry of Education and Sport, for the realization of the following study programmes: Designing and Programming and Computer Graphics and Design. Since 2013, study programme Informatics and Computing has been accredited for realization in Serbian and English.

Study programme Informatics and Computing is modeled on the well known European faculties and universities in informatics and computing field, and on the best practices of our national faculties. Carefully planned lectures, practical classes and internships are designed in a way to create highly educated experts competitive to work in modern business environment. Curricula and degree formats are in accordance with principles of the Bologna Declaration and European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), as well as with modern concept of teaching and system for evaluation of the teaching staff. Relying on the experience of renowned national and international universities, all concentration courses are organized as one term courses. Duration of the undergraduate study programme is four years (240 ECTS). During the studies, the special attention is paid to independent work, participation in concrete professional and developmental projects. Special focus is on the development of practical skills for solving problems.

Over 10.000 students attend Singidunum University. Integrated University disposes of 20.000 sq metres of premises fitted with all the necessary computer and internet infrastructure, audio, video and other equipment required for conducting teaching activities.

Why is this study programme so important?

Contemporary trends in the field of informatics and computing are very demanding. IT specialists are expected to solve practical problems algorithmically and to actualize those problems in chosen programming language. The main trend in programming today is application of internet technologies. Relying on previously acquired knowledge, IT specialists should be able to define IT strategy, to organize and identify the need for information technologies. In order to improve performance and efficiency of organization, IT specialists choose and provide appropriate integrated solutions, design computer network and supervise development and implementation of the systems. Comprehensiveness concerning the organization is required, as well as understanding of different domains, such as: systems security, computer networks infrastructure, transaction and analytic data bases, object-oriented programming languages, methodology of development of information systems, business intelligence, electronic banking etc.

The purpose of this study programme is acquiring knowledge from various scientific, professional, mathematical and information fields, necessary for understanding and managing complex processes of contemporary information technologies. Public sector is very interested in employing specialists in the field of data security in contemporary computer environment. Upon completion of the study programme Informatics and Computing, graduates can apply for wide variety of positions such as: programmer, data base administrator, computer network administrator, information systems designer, ERP consultant, system integrator, specialist for information systems security etc. Majority of those occupations are in the group of best paid occupations in the world.
Practical classes in IT courses are in accordance with the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) certification programme which is carried out as a part of European initiative for standardizing information literacy assessment. Singidunum University also offers distance learning, i.e. Distance Learning System (DLS).




  • Informatics
  • Mathematics
  • Programming 1
  • Management
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • The Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • English Language 1
  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Operating Systems
  • Internet Marketing
  • Cryptology 1
  • Programming Languages
  • Computer Networks
  • English Language 2
  • Databases
  • Internet Technologies
  • The Fundamentals of Information Theory and Coding Theory
  • I 1 / Second Foreign Language 1
  • Information Systems
  • Cryptology 2
  • I 2 / Elective Course
  • English Language 3
  • Computer Networks Security
  • I 3/Elective Course
  • I 4/Elective Course
  • Second Foreign Language 2
  • I 5/Elective Course
  • I 6/Elective Course
  • English Language 4
  • Practical Research and Business Skills
Curricula are in accordance with the Bologna Declaration principles through implementation of European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

I 1 / Second Foreign Language 1
  • German 1
  • Italian 1
  • Spanish 1
  • French 1
  • Russian 1
  • Chinese 1
I 2/Elective Course
  • Multimedia
  • Project Management
I 3/Elective Course
  • Application Software Development
  • Decision Support System
I 4/Elective Course
  • Web Design
  • Information Systems Security Management
I 5/Elective Course
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Human-Computer Interaction
I 6/Elective Course
  • The Internet and Web Technologies-Practicum
  • Programming Systems-Practicum
  • Information Systems Security- Practicum

Around six thousand students have graduated from Singidunum University so far. Our degrees are acknowledged across the globe.

Information technology


  • The Fundamentals of Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • The Fundamentals of Economics
  • Psychology
  • The Fundamentals of Programming
  • Statistics
  • Management
  • English Language 1
  • Computer Networks
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Databases
  • Computer Systems
  • Multimedia
  • Business Law
  • English Language 2
  • Information Systems
  • Web Platforms
  • I1 / Second Foreign Language 1
  • I 2 / Elective Course
  • Business Finance
  • Accounting
  • I 3 / Elective Course
  • English Language 3
  • I 4 / Elective Course
  • I 5 / Elective Course
  • Internet marketing
  • Second Foreign Language 2
  • I 6 / Elective Course
  • English Language 4
  • Distributed Computer Services
  • Practical Research and Business Skills
All study programmes and curricula are in agreement with the Bologna Declaration Principles through introduction of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

I 1 / Second Foreign Language 1
  • Spanish Language 1
  • Italian Language 1
  • German Language 1
  • Russian Language 1
  • French Language 1
  • Chinese Language 1
I 1 / Izborni predmet
  • Business Finance
  • Accounting
I 2 / Izborni predmet
  • Information Systems Security
  • Information Systems Design
I 3 / Izborni predmet
  • Sales Management
  • Decision Support Systems
I 4 / Izborni predmet
  • Human Resource Management
  • Computer Networks Security
I 5 / Izborni predmet
  • Business Analytics and Reporting
  • E-business

Upon successful completion of studies, the students of this study programme are awarded the academic title of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.


Competencies of graduated students

Upon completion of the study programme Informatics and Computing, students could apply for a job in a variety of companies. They are competent for solving various practical problems and performing variety of activities.

Programming:Java programmer, C++ programmer, .NET programmer, Web programmer, PHP programmer, ActionScript programmer, Frontend programmer, HTML programmer, XML programmer, Java script programmer, CSS programmer etc.

Security: IT System Security Manager, Information Security Analyst, Information System Security Designer, Network Security Engineer, CISCO Security Engineer, Digital Forensic Expert, Expert of Cryptography Mechanisms Development in Communication, Expert of Cryptography Mechanisms in Business Environment.

Databases: Database Administrator (DBA), Oracle Database Administrator (Oracle DBA), Data Modeling Expert, Expert in Data Modeling using CASE ERWin tools, Database Application Designer, Oracle SQL Development Engineer, MySQL Development Engineer, Microsoft Access Development Engineer, SQL Development Engineer etc.

Processes: Business Processes Manager, Expert in Business Processes Modeling, Business Processes Analyst, Expert in Business Processes Re-engineering, Business Processes Designer, BPEL Developer etc.
Networks: Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Network Manager, UNIX/Linux System Administrator.

Interface: Design and Development of Web Application and Presentation Interface, Design and Development of Desktop Application Interface, Optimization of Users’ Experience concerning Web/Desktop Applications (UX), Oracle Interface Development.

Web Services: Service-oriented Applications/Development Engineer, Business Web Services/Development Engineer, Business Web Services/ Development Engineer in Cloud Computing Environment, Integrated Web Services /Development Engineer, Expert in Internet Marketing and Trade etc.

Middleware: Middleware Architect, BPM/SOA Integration Specialist, various engineering positions within the field of Internet Providing, Expert in Web Browsers Content Optimization (SEO), Expert in Application of Web Analytics for Internet Optimization.

Servers:Web Server Administrator, Application Server Administrator, Virtualization Platform Administrator.

Operating systems: Unix/Linux System Administrator, Windows Administrator.

Information Systems: IT Systems Project Development Engineer, System Architect, System Analyst, Expert in Information Systems Modeling, Expert in Implementation, Development and Maintenance of ERP Solutions, Information Systems Designer using Rational Software Architect tools, System Implementation and Testing Engineer, IT consultant, Engineer of Systems Implementation using ASAP Methodology, Expert in Development, Application and Administration of CRM tools.

Intelligence Systems: ETL Developer, Data Warehouse Solution/ Development Engineer, Data Mining Engineer, Business Intelligence Solution Developer, QA (Quality Assurance) Engineer, Intelligence Systems Project Development Manager.

Applications: variety of engineering positions in the field of Internet Providing, Content Management System (CMS) Development Engineer, Development Engineer- Internet/Intranet Application, Expert of Applications Development for mobile phones, Software Engineer, IT Project Manager, Graphics Applications Programmer, Expert in Development, Implementation and Maintenance of the Systems for Data Security in Computer Networks, Expert in Information Systems Security, E-business Module Designer (e-commerce, e-payment, e-banking, e-management, e-communication, e-production, and e-distribution), Expert in Development and Application of Contemporary Information Technologies in public administration and local self-government (e-government), Expert in Development and Implementation of Software Support Systems in Tourism (e-tourism), Expert in Development and Application of Contemporary Information Technologies in Banking (e-banking).

Other jobs in the field of information technologies: selling and consulting of IT, work with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), education of personnel in the field of IT-Computer teacher, Expert in Development and Application of solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence, IT Support Engineer, Education System Support Developer etc.

Why is this study programme different?

The possibilities for employment after graduation from the study programme Informatics and Computing are numerous and no other faculty can provide its graduates with wider choice of employment opportunities. Computer science bachelors have both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The continuous changes require certain adjustments of the teaching process to the current market needs as well as to the expected trends. Because of the innovativeness, at this study programme students do not learn unnecessary material, which is important historically, but has no usefulness. At the same time, market needs are constantly analyzed, especially in the field of computer tools and programmes. Students are capable of participating in all sorts of projects immediately after graduation.

However, because of modern information technologies and enormous power of software tools, future experts are expected to have various skills, not just those connected with the informatics and computing. Development of soft skills, knowledge application in the field of leadership and management motivation secure that development of new software systems adjust to the market needs. At Singidunum University, special attention is paid to the development of soft skills and its integrated application with expertise in the field of information technologies. B.Sc. with their knowledge, skills and excellent understanding of modern technologies, market requirements and users’ needs, become leaders in IT field.


Upon graduation:

According to survey conducted among graduates who are members of ALUMNI association, upon graduation from the study programme Informatics and Computing at Singidunum University, students can apply for the following positions:


  • Java programmer
  • C++ programmer
  • C# programmer
  • .NET programmer
  • Web programmer
  • PHP programmer
  • Frontend programmer
  • HTML programmer
  • XML programmer
  • Javascript programmer
  • CSS programmer
  • SQL programmer
  • Flash programmer
  • IT Systems Security Manager
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Information Systems Security Designer
  • Network Security Engineer
  • CISCO Security Engineer
  • Digital Forensic Expert
  • Oracle Data Base Administrator

  • DBA (Data Base Administrator)
  • Database Application Designer
  • Oracle SQL Development Engineer
  • MySQL Development Engineer
  • Microsoft Access Development Engineer
  • Data Base Designer
  • Business Processes Manager/Analyst/Designer
  • Network Administrator/Network Engineer
  • Unix/Linux System Administrator.
  • Windows Administrator
  • Web Service Administrator
  • Application Server Administrator
  • Virtualization/Cloud Platforms Administrator
  • Service-oriented Application Development Engineer
  • Business Web Services Development Engineer
  • Integrated Web Services Development Engineer
  • Middleware Architect
  • BPM/SOA Integration Specialist
  • Internet Providing Engineer
  • System Architect
  • System Analyst
  • Systems Implementation and Testing Engineer
  • IT Consultant/Manager
  • Data Warehouse Solutions Development Engineer
  • Development Engineer for Content Management System (CMS)


Find out about the University


Starting from October 2013 till July 2014, Singidunum University opens its doors to prospective students and their parents. During the visit, high-school students can find out all about the University, its faculties, programmes, teaching staff, organization, lectures, student life, etc. They can also see the University facilities and meet the University academic staff and students. During the open days, high-school students are welcomed by our professors and current students. The visit itself can be arranged by e-mail: otvorenavrata@singidunum.ac.rs or by phone +381 11 3094 094.


“Graduating Students Days” is an event traditionally held at Singidunum University with the aim of further educating high-school graduating students through useful lectures delivered by the University professors, as well as new experiences exchanged between prospective and current students. The lectures relate to current topics, such as: motivation, career development, technology development, healthy diet or some specialized topics. More than two thousand high-school graduating students have attended this event so far. Prospective students can visit the website www.upis.singidunum.ac.rs and by following the link “Graduating Students Days”, they can get informed about the current lectures and apply for them. Application can also be done by phone: +381 11 3094 094.


Counsellor students can advise you on all the issues regarding student life, classes, as well as other issues about student activities at the University. Their role is to help prospective students resolve their dilemmas about the choice of faculty or programmes, and share their experiences concerning studies, internship, career development, etc. Counsellor students can also answer questions about the programmes and help design study plans depending on specific personal needs and interests. The link “Counsellor Student”, which can be found on website www.upis.singidunum.ac.rs, helps prospective students meet their colleagues and contact them by e-mail or in person.


The University website www.upis.singidunum.ac.rs is the place where prospective students can find all the information they need to decide which faculty they want to enrol, and find out about all studying options offered by the University.


Singidunum University Students Service has Admission Office for Prospective Students where all the interested can get necessary information on studies, programmes, internship, career development, payment options, and information relevant when choosing which faculty and programme to enrol. Office number: +381 11 3094 094.


Attending regular lectures delivered by our professors is one of the best ways in which prospective students can gain an insight into studying processes at Singidunum University. In order to attend some of the lectures, students can apply by phone: +381 11 3094 094.


Professors from Singidunum University have given over a thousand lectures and paid visits to as many high schools around Serbia so far. The lectures are organized at high-school students and teachers’ request. Topics include, but are not limited to: motivation, career development, technology development, healthy diet, or specialized topics. High-school students can ask their teachers when the lectures would be held in their school.



If you want to attend a Singidunum University programme, you need to follow these 7 steps:


You can apply for university ENROLMENT by visiting our website www.upis.singidunum.ac.rs and choosing ONLINE APPLICATION. Once you have filled in the application form, you get a number which is the username for logging in and your personal identification (JMBG) number is your password.


You can log in to our application with your username and password. Once you have logged in, you can opt for the study programme and download the files. If you have chosen any of the following study programmes: BUSINESS ECONOMICS, MARKETING AND TRADE, TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT, ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT your entrance examination will be in the form of an interview.

Upon having successfully completed the APPLICATION procedure, the candidate gets “Interview topics” by email. These topics are to be discussed during the entrance examination.

If you have chosen between the following study programmes INFORMATICS AND COMPUTING or ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND COMPUTING, the entrance examination is done in the form of a test and an interview. The candidate’s knowledge based on materials from the preparation files is tested in electronic classrooms. The test is followed by an interview. At the interview, the candidate discusses their interests and reasons for enrolling at the chosen faculty.


Entrance exams for Business Economics, Marketing and Trade, Informatics and Computing, Engineering Management, and Electrical Engineering and Computing start in March 2014 and will be held every Saturday according to the schedule posted on the University website. Entrance exams for Tourism and Hospitality Management start in April 2014 and will be organized according to the schedule posted on our website.


The candidate can sign a pre-contract once they pass the entrance exam till the moment the enrolment quota is reached. By paying 10% of the overall tuition fee and signing the pre-contract, the candidates are guaranteed a place at Singidunum University.


The final ranking list is posted on the University website based on the entrance exam results and high school GPA.


High school diploma and certificates for all 4 high school grades (originals or certified copies), 2 photos 3.5 x 4.5 cm, tuition fee payment proof and a birth certificate are required for the enrolment.


Student ID number is collected on the day of enrolment.



Danijelova 32, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia Kumodraška 261a, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Phone: 011/30 94 094, 30 93 207, 30 93 220
Fax: 011/30 93 294
Email: office@singidunum.ac.rs


Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 4a, 210000 Novi Sad

Phone: 021/662 19 00
Cell phone: 065/808 31 51
Email: novisad@singidunum.ac.rs


Nikole Pašića 28, 18000 Niš, Serbia

Phone: 018/20 83 00; 20 83 01
Fax: 018/20 83 01
Email: centarnis@singidunum.ac.rs